In this moment of silence, I vow to acknowledge and to honor the truth of me; the Divine Spirit that flows through me, my Center, my Soul. And with boundless gratitude I accept the responsibility of this precious life I have chosen. I feel the warmth of the central sun that glows within, and in doing so, I no longer have room in my heart for disbelief or lack, for I am filled with the wisdom and knowledge of my God Self. With this awakening I feel the energy that is life eternal. I choose to use this sacred energy for the good of the Universe and I realize that it is my responsibility to keep the flow of giving and receiving alive and in motion. To do so, I understand that I must hold onto NOTHING for I know that all that exists has always been and will always be. I know that I am my own teacher, and that I alone hold the key to my Joy and my Happiness. I lovingly accept all of this as my Truth.


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