You have a spiritual tool chest that awaits you each time you go inside for meditation.

In it you have all the tricks of the trade, or to say it in a more reverent way, you have a treasure chest full of spiritual prowess. When you enter the Silent Place you have access to your proficient Self. You have access to the methods of releasing the unwanted darkness that surrounds anger, or the horrid plummeting feeling of gripping fear. You have methods of finding center when the world outside seems to be gyrating out of control, methods of releasing antiquated ideas so to make room for the freshest of new energy.

Because we all experience ups and downs in our spiritual journey, we may find ourselves out of touch with our spiritual self from time to time. One would think that the emptiness or painful longing would be enough to signal us to return to our Spiritual Tool Chest and do what we know, but sometimes we need something more to jog us into action. The following is a little Spiritual Checklist to help you ignite your energy if need be.

First and foremost do you know where your Spiritual Tool Chest is?

There are those of you, if you’re honest with yourself, who will say “No” or “I know where it is, but I have not used it in a while.” If you are one that says, “Yes I do know where it is,” then you can read along and remember to read the checklist on a day that you feel spiritually challenged.

Are you not using your spiritual knowledge because you don't trust it right now?

Do you think that there are things in your life that are more important?

Are there things you do that you feel take the place of your inner work time?

Do these other things seem to be satisfying your spiritual self?

Do you not use your tools because you feel you are not getting any results?

Do you seem to just simply forget to take time to go inside to seek your own wisdom?

Do you feel your problems are too complicated or too overwhelming for meditation to be of any help?

If not one of these, what would you say is your reason for not taking time to meditate?

Whatever your answer to these questions might be, if you are not connecting to your higher self and yet you have done so alone or in groups in the past, you are at present not taking full responsibility for this life. You are not proclaiming your Soul as the Source to your authentic self. You have lost sight of your Right to utilize your life force. You are currently not allowing yourself to stand naked in the light of your Own Truth. You are not allowing yourself to see yourself face to face inside and out. You still have your allegiance placed elsewhere. Which means you currently believe in a duality (God and other) rather than believing in All is God.

As I said in the beginning, we all can find ourselves in this place of disconnect at one time or another or even in and out of this place throughout the day. But each time we return to the wisdom of the Soul, we come closer to the unveiling and awareness of the whole self to the earthly self and vice versa. The work we do in our meditations is designed to do just that. When we go inside to the pure light, clear our eyes of the expectations and judgments of the ego, we can then and only then dare to look at our outer world and claim it as our own. We can see the ins and outs of it all and understand more easily how it unfolds the way it does.

You have within you a treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom that is ready to unfold for you at anytime. “Ask and you shall receive” might be better written as “allow and you shall receive.” You cannot allow until you have surrendered, and you cannot surrender without intent to do so.

Your intent must be to visit your Treasure Chest of Wisdom daily, if not more often; maybe to take a moment to do a body scan of feelings, but better yet ,to start your day with a meditation of Letting Go. Once a day you will release your hold on your earthly material self and honor the peace of your Soul. To do so you must change your allegiance. You must change your allegiance from your outer world to your core Being, your Divine Soul-- placing it above all other. This is the order of life.


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