Anger, blame, sadness, resentment, irritability, fear, grief, along with a plethora of other emotions are common, and not necessarily all bad responses to adverse and difficult events in our lives These feelings in and of themselves are not bad, but they cease to be appropriate and no longer necessary when they become obstructions to our happiness and well being. There is a time to let all past emotions move on and make way for the new. Lingering emotions become attitudes and when they have stayed too long in the body they begin to create different forms of discomfort. They can stagnate and trap energy around them and actually cause a heavy ache deep inside the body, or feelings of depression, lack of desire, chaotic feelings, loss of concentration, irritability and the list goes on and on. We all dislike these feelings but might not realize that we have the ability to transform them into useful energy. All it takes is learning how to distinguish your thought processes from the sensations in your body. Not emotional feelings but the things you feel with your senses. Like hot, rough, heavy, movement, pressure, pulsing and the like.

When you first encounter the event that causes one of these uncomfortable emotions, you can feel it hit your body. The feelings can be slight or overwhelming, and before you have time to release the feeling the Ego takes charge and sends a notice of infringement to the Think Arena for review. The Think arena then engages the Ego and they commence reviewing the situation over and over again. And each time you rethink the moment you feel the original pain as if it just happened. The Ego likes to chew on the past like a dog does a bone and it keeps the emotion captive by repeating the thought process. The negative feeling in the body would dissipate if you were not asked by the Ego to rehash the event in your head. In order to keep the emotion restricted you actually create an energetic field that is holding this emotion firmly in place and it will not be able to leave you until you have energetically reversed the polarities. You have to break the thinking cycle to do this. It sounds difficult but it is not. All you need is intent and the will to commit. Your intent is to locate within yourself the polarities of thinking and feeling. Once that is done you will be able to break the infinite do loop of the Ego and release the imprisoned energy that has been lodged in your body. When the energy is freed you will find the discomfort gone. The situation has not changed, but your attitude toward it has. You have let go.

By moving your attention from thinking to feeling the Ego’s clinched fist relaxes. The energy that the Ego has garnered in its self-taught effort to protect you is freed to become something else. Being in touch with feeling versus thinking is the way to be in the Now. The Now holds no fear so in that moment the Ego feels safe and ceases signaling the Thinker to rethink the old. This is when you see that fretting is not a productive way to spend your time. Breathing with the Now and letting things flow naturally is the healthier, happier way to live. We move in and out of this state, but when you find yourself stuck in the thick viscous thoughts of the Ego it is time to purge yourself of all that you are clinging to and let it go. Let it all go. The time that it takes to do this is not much longer than the time it took you to read what you have just read. Let me tell you how.

Letting Go in Ten Minutes or Less
For those of you who are short of time but long on will.

First locate a chair in your home that will be your Letting Go Chair. Put your crystals (holding a crystal in each hand promotes balance and conducts energy) near by so that when you sit down all you have to do is reach for them and you are ready to begin.

Place your feet on the floor. I know it is customary for us to sit with our legs crossed and this in itself is a form of holding on, so let your feet fall to the ground. Make sure your back is supported in an upright position so as not to slump.

Get comfortable but alert to the body. Begin by letting your thoughts proceed as they have prior to your sitting down. Just let your thinking be. Watch your thinking. Even feel your thinking. You do this by feeling the sensations in your head. Do your thoughts feel like they are whirling, jumping, popping, pulsing? Watch your thoughts carefully and observe them. Observe them as thought forms and do not be so concerned about the content, rather how the thoughts move.

Next feel your body as it is. No need to even take a deep breath yet. Also take it a little bit at a time. Sometimes we get so cut off from the body that when we return to allowing ourselves to feel again, it is overwhelming. The sensations are very intense. So go at it the same way you would enter a pool of cold water, one toe at a time. Do not try to alter anything. It is important to feel things as they are right in this moment. When you are finally able to feel all the sensations of the body, began to let the sensations or sensation take on animation. Remember to feel everything just as it is. No need to be clever or embellish, just feel what is there. The feeling will tell you what it is and when you let it become animated you can feel it and watch it at the same time.

The more visual you are the better. What does it remind you of? Can you see it? Where exactly does it live in your body? How big is it?

You will find that minor Ego entrapments have a different texture and density than the more intense fears or grief laden attachments. Still no matter what the subject matter is just be aware of the feeling it creates in your body. Once you have located the sensation in your body and have identified it in an animated form you are ready to move on to the next step. Now, you’re going to return to your thoughts again. This time, locate where the supporting thoughts of this turmoil reside. We are not concerned about what these thoughts have to say, just simply where they are. Are they in the top of your head or do they seem to be more to one side or the other? Just play with finding them. You will be enticed to wander into the act of thinking the thoughts through and analyzing them again, but remember that your job now is only to locate them, not to think them. See if you can zero in on where the originating spot is. Where in your body does it seem your thoughts reside? If need be let yourself think on purpose so that you can create a moment in which you can spot the location of the source. It is fun doing this and the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Now you are ready to go to the next step. Depending on your environment and whether you need to be rather quiet or not determines what you do next. If I am alone I prefer to use toning to create my vibrations but the way I am going to tell you about right now you can use anywhere.

Ok, so first just take a breath… small at first. … then a larger breath. Now check the body again and notice any changes that have occurred from when you first started the exercise. Be keen in your observations. Sometimes your mind will want to wander and that is ok, but as soon as you find it out there in space, pull it back to the task at hand.

Next let yourself perform a silent heaving motion with your throat and tummy muscles. Expel a thrust of air by pumping the diaphragm back and up with one quick heaving motion. Silently, if need be, or rich and audible if you feel free to.
Now, while the sensation is fresh, feel the ripples of energy you created in your chest. Then do it again. Same as before, feel the warmth of the sensation. Do this several times and then rest with your attention on the stir of energy that you have created.

Now, and this is very important, notice that the areas of sensations that you first observed are located in a different area of your body than this new pulsation of energy that you have created. If need be do the thrusting motion once again to enrich the feelings of energy in your chest and tummy area. Now let that feeling hold your full attention and began to breathe into it as you would a balloon, letting it get larger and larger with each breath. Let it become a comfortable size. You will know when it is the right size.

Now take a deep breath and exhale completely and hold it. Feel the spot of warmth that you have created and let yourself slip inside this wonderful place I call the Silent Place.

Take just a second to relish it and you might need to assure yourself with a little hum to establish a connection with the feelings you have created.

Now from this wonderful advantage place allow yourself to review the thoughts and feelings that you brought to this Letting Go session. One by one, go about the process of letting them go. See your grip on them loosen. Actually see your hand let go. See them as balloons or birds you set free, but see it. Be deliberate in your intent to feel the release.

You may even realize that it’s hard to set some things free. This is when you can see what it is that has you attached to what you think you no longer want. Let your breath help you release the hold. With each exhale focus on lessening the grip until you are ready to set it free. Feel it leave you. This is the biggest part of all. You have to realize YOU are what is holding it to you. It is takes YOUR energy to hold it to you. Take the bold step forward and use the energy in a different way. See it explode into light. Release into wind. Transform into a cloud. Let it recycle and refine into a new breath of air.

Every day you can create a new visual that helps you release the new things that you have accumulated or one that has returned from the time before. Let Wisdom’s imagination be your guide. It will have fun coming up with new visuals for letting go. Here are a few examples: One day I saw myself rolling out huge bundles of carpet. At first I visualized them as they surrounded me. They were hemming me in and not allowing me any movement. With each exhale I gave them a shove and they went from a tightly rolled bundle to a flat open runway of opportunities. With each exhale I released them and sent them tumbling outward and forward. It was a wonderful sensation of letting go. Sometimes I just see the heaviness turn into a ball and give it a toss. When it leaves my hand I see it burst into a ball of light and return to me as recycled energy.

Take a minute to feel the tremendous difference between holding onto something and setting it free.

Breathe in freedom and breathe out choice.

Recycling and refining your Being with every breath you take. No need to have anything old or used attached to you.

With every breath you are brand new.


Here are few more thoughts to assist you on your Letting Go time. I have asked questions of others and have observed myself as closely as I can and have a few more things to add to the original copy.

First the hardest part of the exercise is tuning into the body and not the thoughts. Any attention to oneself is of benefit so we don’t want to slight any efforts made, but we are working toward opening the doors to our precious inner Wisdom. We must enter them through the purity of feelings and not thought. So to turn your attention to the sensations of the body is key. I know that sometimes the sensations in the body are almost unbearable and to center your attention there is difficult, but the rewards are great. Now this is important. Don’t look at the sensation, go inside it, become it, be the sensation. If you are looking at the sensation you are still using your thoughts for your eyes. When you are clearly in touch with the sensation no matter if it is a small package of puff balls held over from the day before or a front loader full of pain, once you feel it and only then, do let your inner imagery device create the image that matches the feeling. If you are centered in the sensation before you create images it will take care of itself.

Here is another thing that has come to light. When you have become accustomed to feeling these sensations with a keenest of sense you will (and I love this) realize that we hold these sensations in suspension. They seem to be floating within us. One of the biggest steps toward the letting go process is to lower it to the ground and let gravity have it. Lay it down. It takes the utmost of focus to lower it, but you can do it. You may find that in doing so you have made a huge step toward releasing the energy.

Remember we are not only learning to let go but we are learning how to navigate through the body. When we can see the makeup of pain, fear and anger and learn to release them we are in touch with our Truth, our Divine Purpose. We grow by leaps and bounds each time we see past what seems to be solid and stuck and perceive life from the vantage point of our inner Truth. The Wisdom of Source.


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