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Coming to Your Senses

Many people have read about the benefits of meditation and would love to try it, but feel it is beyond their capabilities. Coming to Your Senses changes that perception. It teaches a new approach to meditation that makes the task of silencing the thought and clutter in your head no longer a difficult challenge.

This book takes you by the arm and leads you step by step through the process of learning this new approach to meditation called Inner Vision Meditation.

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f you are interested in learning more about Meditation, Channeling, and Toning, check out my first book "First You Sigh".

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Thoughts From the Inside

"This little book is a compilation of simple truths that became obvious to me as I navigated life's pathways. What makes this little book special is that it captures feelings and thoughts that you have often had before yourself but you've never seen them written. You share through the illustrations those moments of truth."

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First You Sigh

"First You Sigh" is a book about my search for ways to authenticate and make manifest the strong spiritual connectedness I have experienced since early childhood.  Entwined in the escapades of my life were guideposts that led to what I have always intuited but could not see or touch.  It was during a meditation with a local channeler that I came upon the piece of puzzle that had been missing for me.  I learned that by using my voice in toning I could quiet my mind and completely center myself so as to be able to go deep, deep within to a place that I passionately treasure.  I learned to call this sacred space The Silent Place. In this inner retreat I acquired the art of clear running non-thinking, was able to let my higher consciousness flow and I began to tap into the wisdom of Universal Knowledge.  I was astonished beyond belief at the words that began to flow from my mouth.  Knowing that I was not constructing the sentences, my earthbound mind wanted to know what or who the source of this information was.  The word came from me saying that the name was not of importance and that if I needed a moniker, to just pick one.  So for documenting the information I decided to name the source The Entities.   The information that came through me during my visits to The Silent Place has been life changing and cannot be overshadowed.   Where The Entities have been most relentless is in expressing the importance of using toning during meditation.  Early on they made it very clear to me that this style of meditation needed to be shared with others.  Through their encouragement and the insistence of others, I chose to write the book, "First You Sigh".

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It is my sincere hope that you will get as much from reading these books as I did from writing them!
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