What Is Toning?

Toning, from my school of thought, is allowing your natural sound to be made audible.  In order to derive the most benefit from toning, there is a natural progression that must take place.   First, you sigh.  This loosens your vocal cords.  Then you begin to allow the sounds from within you to emerge.  Once your tone has been given voice, you progress to the next step.  At this point, you shift your awareness from hearing the sound to feeling it.  This is toning.  But let me tell you the rewards of toning so you may know why I strongly emphasize the importance of toning in meditation.   Meditation is often recommended for those seeking higher awareness.

Step one in most meditation manuals reads, "first, you quiet the mind".

You might find yourself saying, "This is easier written than executed".  Well, you are not alone in that thinking.  Toning is an excellent, easy and dependable way to quiet the mind.  As an added advantage, when you focus intently upon the vibrations of your toning, you will find yourself on the doorstep of your own House of Wisdom along with the Universal Mind.  In my book, "First You Sigh,  I tell you how to go within yourself and quiet your mind in a way you can not miss.  All you must supply is the intent and the action.

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