Why Meditate?

The Answer is easy--to enjoy life to the fullest.

But then the next question might be: "How does meditation help?"  Now that is a wonderful question and one that is fun to answer.  I would probably answer it differently each time it is asked because there are as many reasons as there are questions.  For now I will choose this approach:

We are accustomed to the landscapes of our mind and the scenery of our beliefs, so much so that we no longer see them as being merely backdrops to something greater.  The possibility that what we experience as ourselves is only a small piece of who we are is an intriguing thought.  That it could be true that an unenlightened mind/ego veils us from a higher level of consciousness stirs up even more spiritual curiosity.  If this is indeed true, how would anyone be able to explore this scope of thinking?  In what way would you begin to research the validity of this claim?

Reading books or listening to others speak about spirituality and meditation may heighten your interests and fortify your desire to continue your quest, but reading or hearing another's testimony is not grounds for a belief system founded in Truth.  Experience is the only way to have a Truth come home to you.

Meditation allows you the sacred space to personally experience your total being.  I call this wondrous place within the Silent Place.  Simply said, meditation is a consecrated time for you to allow yourself to enter the Silent Place.  It is there that you are destined to awaken the greater wisdom that lies within.  Meditation is a chosen time set aside to hold hands with the Universal Creator.  That is why we meditate.  Would one need more of a reason?

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